Keeping a beautiful interior… Beautiful!

Keeping your pride and joy’s interior perfectly clean over winter can seem a like an impossible task. In fact, winter is often the time to dig out those old rubber mats and plastic seat covers to prevent fabric contamination. We’re excited that the car-care and detailing product market is always changing and we’re proud to stock some of the finest, innovative products yet. As well as providing full exterior details and paint protection packages, we also offer a range of interior options that are superb for preparing for the UK’s not so pleasant winter forecast. Our thorough cleaning process removes all current contaminants, stains and nasty smells from fabric. Once cleaned our specialist nano-particle sealants help fabric retain their cleanliness without impacting the original feel and breathability. For more information about our bespoke interior options, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Renaultsport Clio 182 | Enhancement Detail

Here we have another Renaultsport Clio in the wonderful Sunburst orange. We only had a day and a half to carry out this enhancement detail due to the car having to be at the French Car Show. We managed to pull it off and protect it with 2 coats of Britemax Vantage wax.

Renault Clio Sport 182 | Enhancement Detail

We’ve recently taken great pleasure getting our hands on the iconic Clio Sport 182 hatchback for an enhancement detail. At the customers request, this car was attended to as quickly as possible which resulted in a couple of enjoyable night shifts! This Clio’s paint condition wasn’t the best – suffering badly from road contamination and a decade of traditional washing methods. To revive this hot-hatch, we proceeded with our 20 stage safe-wash method and a series of paint correction stages resulting in a flawless deep black finish that is sure to impress. This Renault Clio Sport was also fully protected with Britemax Vantage.

Jaguar XK R-S | Enhancement Detail & Photoshoot

Here’s a few pictures from one of our most recent enhancement details on the spectacular Jaguar XK R-S. This vehicle was a pleasure to work with and needless to say both me and the client have been left smiling by the results. For our potential customers to be able to see the quality of our work, we contacted a local photographer who has done an amazing job at capturing the depth of the paintwork shortly after the enhancement was completed ready for customer collection. This Jaguar XK R-S was protected with G-Techniq.

Snow Foam Wash

Snow Foam Wash | Limited Offer – £7

Snow foam is a relatively new cleaning method, but it’s certainly here to stay. The aim of snow foam is to coat the vehicle with a thick foam wish degreasing properties and allow to dwell and remove surface contaminants. The thickness of the foam allows dirt and grit to be clinged onto and slowly run off causing minimal abrasion. Our snow foam washes provide you with a safe cleaning solution that will minimise swirl marks and scratches as well as providing an immaculate finish.

Honda Civic Type-R EK9 | Protection Detail

It’s not often we’re given the opportunity a car in this age group, but when we do it’s a pleasure. The Honda Civic is a iconic hatch, and these japanese imports truly represent what the Type-R is all about. We had a great time restoring Liam’s vehicle back to it’s former glory and protecting it with Britemax Vantage wax to prevent that beautiful white bodywork from traffic film and further contamination.