BMW M4 Competion | Minor Correction Detail

Protected Using Gyeon Quartz MOHS+

Here we have a nicely spec'd BMW M4 we had the pleasure of working on. We carried out a 2 stage minor paint correction detail which is is designed to eliminate around 80% of the defects. Wheels removed and deep cleaned, clayed, machine polished and then coated in Gyeon Quartz RIM. Paintwork protected with Gyeon Quartz MOHS+.


The beginning stages of the safe wash and decontamination process. 


Archers thoroughly clean then coated with Gyeon Quartz TRIM. Calipers coated with Gyeon Quartz RIM. Alloys cleaned and machine polished the coated with Gyeon Quartz RIM.


The final results from or Minor Correction detail with Gyeon Quartz MOHS+