Major Correction Detail

This Major Correction Detail delivers paintwork perfection, leaving the finish better than its original showroom finish.

Using various machines, compounds and pads to safely remove the heavy defects (random deep scratchers, bird etchings, holograms, sanding marks). The Major correction is ideal for the tired car that needs another lease of life.

100% correction is not always achievable, compromise has to be taken on areas with thin clear coat where it would be unnecessary to sacrifice the lacquer and cause a strike through.

We typically achieve >95% correction which is guaranteed to transform the appearance of your vehicle.

  • Multi-stage safe wash using the 2 bucket method
  • Alloy wheels cleaned inside and out
  • Archers and tires degreased
  • Paintwork decontaminated using various chemicals and clay
  • Dried using Metro vac dryer and microfiber drying towels
  • Paint thickness measurements taken
  • 3-5 stage machine polish using various machines, pads and compounds
  • Paintwork wiped down with a IPA
  • Premium carnauba wax applied
  • Ceramic coating applied to paint to offer up to 5 years**
  • Wheel sealant applied
  • Plastics sealed to avoid fading
  • Tires dressing applied giving a natural finish.
  • Window sealant applied
  • Metal polished and protected

From £700 (4-5 days)*

*Price and time may vary depending on condition of vehicle and chosen protection

**Ceramic coatings are available at a extra cost