New Car Detail

Our new car detail is designed to give your brand new car the best start in life. We offer a high quality service that will firstly raise your vehicle to above showroom condition as well as applying a variety of specialist protective products that will seal external area surface from harsh road elements. If you would like more information on our new car detailing package, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Prices from £300 Time Taken 8-16 Hours

• Vehicle is soaked in a Ph neutral snow foam
• Alloys then deep cleaned inside and out using acid free wheel cleaner
• Vehicle then washed using the 2 bucket method
• Tyres and wheel archers thoroughly cleaned
• Vehicle then decontaminated using various chemicals and clayed
• Next the vehicle is dried using drying towels and compressed air
• Then all delicate areas taped up ready for machine polishing
• Paint depth readings taking across the entire car
• Single stage machine polish to enhance gloss
• Full wipe down with IPA to remove all polishing oils
• Application Of Gyeon Quartz MOHS
• Alloy wheels sealed
• Tyres dressed
• All exterior metal work polished and sealed
• Final inspection