The 'iDetail' Detail

This is the ultimate car care package, including the Major Correction Detail with all the available add-ons, Wheels removed detail, engine bay detail, interior and leather treatments followed by our ceramic quartz coatings for maximum durability.

A ‘iDetail’ detail will not leave an area untouched and is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to get the best out of their pride and joy.

We will spend 50+ hours on prepping, polishing, perfecting and protecting your entire vehicle.

  • Multi-stage safe wash using the 2 bucket method
  • Alloy wheels cleaned inside and out
  • Archers and tires degreased
  • Paintwork decontaminated using various chemicals and clay
  • Dried using Metro vac dryer and microfiber drying towels
  • Wheels removed, cleaned, de tarred and protected with Gyeon Quartz RIM
  • Paint thickness measurements taken
  • 3–5 stage machine polish using various machines, pads and compounds chasing perfection
  • Badges removed and replaced**
  • Paintwork wiped down with a IPA
  • Gyeon Quartz MOHS+ or Gyeon Quartz Durabead applied to give a 5 year warranty
  • Gyeon TRIM applied to plastics
  • Tires dressing applied giving a natural finish.
  • Gyeon View applied to windows
  • Gyeon RIM applied to exhaust tips
  • Gyeon RIM applied to calipers and hubs
  • Metal polished and protected
  • Interior detailed including leather being cleaned and protected
  • Engine bay detailed

From £1000 (4-5 days)*

** Replace badges at extra cost

*Price and time may vary depending on condition of vehicle.