Optional Extras


We generally spend more time in our vehicles than we do looking at them.The interior detail is designed to deep clean and protect the interior of your vehicle.


  • Every surface vaccumed
  • Vents cleaned using a detailing brush
  • Leather deep cleaned and conditioned 
  • All plastic surfaces cleaned and protected




A detailed engine bay can be the perfect finishing touch for any vehicle when adding it to one of our detailing packages. The Engine Bay Detail is designed to safely clean and protect the engine bay.

  • Degreaser applied and throughly agitated with a detailing brush
  • Dried using compressed air
  • Protected using Gyeon Quartz Trim (ceramic coating)


Break dust attacks the finish of the wheel and over time can lead to corrosion. Applying a wheel sealant can prevent this and keeping them looking brand new. Wheel sealants provide a clear and protective coating that will block any dirt, the dirt sits on top of the coating unable to break through and damage the wheel. It also means your wheels will be easier to clean.


  • Wheels decontaminated using various chemicals and detailing brushes
  • In and outside of the wheel clayed
  • Sealed using Gyeon Quartz RIM
  • Archers Deep cleaned and sealed


If your wheels need a refurb then the perfect time to get them done would be while you car is having a detail, all done at the same time to a high standard.


  • Powder Coated
  • Any colour